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Specialists in Temporary Fencing Sales and Hire in Christchurch

ABC wants your site to be secure

ABC Temporary Fencing provides secure solutions for short-term outdoor sites in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our temporary fencing is versatile and commonly used for construction sites and outdoor events. It ensures property and equipment safety while protecting pedestrians. Our fencing is stable, using Couplers and Feet designed for temporary needs.

Accessories like Stabilising Bars and Anti-Lift Devices enhance stability. Safety is a priority, and we adhere to Health and Safety standards in Christchurch. We offer privacy options with fence cloth attachments. Our panels are galvanised high-quality steel, suitable for both short-term and long-term security needs. We offer purchase and rental options for temporary fencing gates. ABC Temporary Fencing meets New Zealand's safety standards, mandatory for construction projects.

Contact our team for residential and commercial temporary fencing needs in Christchurch. We specialise in quickly installing fencing systems for construction sites and private properties.

Whatever the Weather

The wire mesh structure of our Temporary Fencing Panels is designed to withstand high winds and storms. Unlike some panels that can be vulnerable to wind force, our system features gaps in the mesh, allowing air to pass through instead of creating a solid barrier that may lead to structural issues.

When installing Temporary Fencing around your site's perimeter, consider your location, especially if it's on elevated or exposed ground. Using the right fixtures and accessories ensures the stability and position of the Temporary Fencing system.

Temporary Fencing Applications

Temporary fencing is versatile and used in various locations, including construction sites. It goes by names like Temporary Security Fencing, Wire Mesh Fencing, or Construction Hoarding.

At ABC in Christchurch, we offer top-quality temporary fencing products. We stock new and used options for both purchase and rental, ensuring we meet every customers needs.

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Hire, Lease and Purchasing of Temporary Fencing

Providing durable temporary fencing that you can trust with exceptional customer service. Contact us for a quote. No job to big or small for ABC.

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The ABC Group of Companies is passionate about Christchurch and serving the construction community. We look forward to talking to you about your next project.