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Specialists in Safety Net Sales and Hire in Christchurch

Safeguard individuals working at elevated heights and those labouring beneath with the use of Safety Netting.

  1. Safety nets, designed for personnel protection, save lives and reduce injuries by absorbing falling body energy and preventing debris and tool accidents.
  2. Place nets close to workers for collective fall protection without requiring user action,
    Regular inspections by a competent person are essential under the HSE Act (1992) to prevent harm.
  3. Advantages of safety nets for fall protection:
    - Swift response: Unlike Fall Arrest Systems, safety nets provide immediate protection.
    - Minimise suspension trauma: Safety nets prevent severe injuries and potential fatalities.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Act states that, when working at heights, a fall arrest system should only be used as a last resort if all other measures have been deemed impracticable, safety netting is a practical solution to eliminate the hazard.

Increased confidence by workforce = increased productivity in a safe environment.

Reliance on the employee to be suitably trained and connected at all times using a harness is also eliminated; as trained professionals will install the safety netting prior to the roofers coming on site.

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