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At ABC, we have a strong passion for scaffolding.

ABC Group is dedicated to maintaining excellent safety standards while delivering top-quality services and products. We hire highly qualified professionals. Our scaffolding division in Christchurch offers diverse access solutions, including Emergency Scaffolds, Security Sensitive Scaffolds, Noise Containment, Temporary Roofs, Demolition, Refurbishments, New Builds, and Confined Space services. Our extensive experience spans various locations, from airports and rail sites to industrial, commercial, and healthcare facilities. ABC Scaffolding is committed to providing innovative, sustainable, and secure access solutions for any industry.

Unrivalled Scaffolding Expertise

From airports to emergency call-outs, security-sensitive projects, noise containment, utilities, demolition, refurbishment, temporary roofs, new builds, confined spaces, and major projects, ABC delivers top-notch solutions.

In-House Scaffold Design

A solid scaffold structure begins with an innovative scaffold design. Utilising cutting-edge technology, our Christchurch-based design team crafts customised designs tailored to your unique needs. Our designs adhere to all current legislation and regulations, ensuring full compliance. Recognising that each project is unique, our experienced scaffold design team excels at devising the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. We collaborate closely with you to minimise disruptions during site rigging.

No Nonsense Solutions

Regardless of your project's scope, ABC Scaffolding is your essential partner. Our straightforward scaffold solutions and track record of adeptly handling unforeseen challenges have consistently delivered success. When it comes to scaffolding in Christchurch, your search ends here.

Delivering Safety First

As a leader in Christchurch's scaffolding industry, ABC Scaffolding is dedicated to maintaining outstanding Site Safe standards and setting a benchmark for industry competitors to aspire to.

Scaffolding Specialist in Christchurch

Our scaffold inventory comprises both swift and efficient system scaffolding, along with versatile tube and clip scaffolding. Our comprehensive services encompass design, transportation, assembly, disassembly, modifications, equipment rental, and weekly safety inspections. Additionally, we provide a materials-only hire service, and for those who prefer, a labor-only option for installing their own scaffold equipment.

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The ABC Group of Companies is passionate about Christchurch and serving the construction community. We look forward to talking to you about your next project.